The Los Angeles Unified School District consists of 1,302 schools serving 734,641 students throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Of those schools, 228 are charter schools, and 169 are magnet schools on LAUSD campuses.

LAUSD represents a diverse and dynamic community of students from various cultural, ethnic, economic, religious, or social backgrounds, making it a unique environment in which students have the potential to thrive academically and socially. Notably, 95 different languages are spoken at LAUSD schools, and over 141,000 students are English learners.

district-mapLAUSD’s Demographic Breakdown

74% Latino/a
9.8% White
8.4% African American
6% Asian
0.04% Pacific Islander
0.02% American Indian/Alaskan Native

LAUSD is governed by the Board of Education, which is made up of seven representatives elected by each of seven districts.

Current Board Representatives

District 1: George McKenna (213) 241-6382
District 2: Mónica García (213) 241-6180
District 3: Scott Schmerelson (213) 241-8333
District 4: Steve Zimmer, current Board President (213) 241-6387
District 5: Ref Rodriguez (213) 241-5555
District 6: Mónica Ratliff (213) 241-6388
District 7: Richard Vladovic (213) 241-6385

Upcoming LAUSD Board Elections

Primary: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
General: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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