Why we need change NOW.

Our students only get one chance at a great education. But as the following timeline of recent history clearly illustrates, the LAUSD has ruined that chance for too many of our kids.

2010-2011: LAUSD Orders Massive Layoffs

LAUSD Board passes a budget that lays off over 5,000 employees, increasing classroom sizes to as many as 44 students per teacher, boosting counselor loads to 1,000 students each, and virtually eliminating positions for school nurses and librarians.

2011-2012: The School Board Approves Another Budget Laying Off Thousands

The School Board once again approves a budget that lays off thousands, including custodians, library aides, and office assistants that offer vital support to LAUSD students.

2012-2013: LAUSD Board Budget Lays Off Thousands of Educators

LAUSD Board passes another budget that lays off thousands of educators, while retaining the majority of administrators.

June 2013: My Integrated Student Information System (MiSiS) Rollout Fails

My Integrated Student Information System (MiSiS) rollout fails, after the student records system demonstrated massive failures such as incorrect class enrollment and inaccurate transcripts for college applications. The cost of the program ultimately balloons to over $189 million.

June 2013: LAUSD Spends $1.3 Billion in Construction Bonds on iPads

LAUSD spends $1.3 billion dollars of construction bonds to provide iPads to every student, teacher, and administrator district-wide. Two years later, the program closes due to technological failures and sparks an FBI investigation regarding corporate advantages given to Apple and Pearson during the bidding process, and an SEC investigation into district compliance with the use

2014: LAUSD Participates in the Federal 1033 Program

LAUSD participates in the federal 1033 program, allowing the district to purchase excess military weapons and arming the LAUSD police with automatic weapons, three grenade launchers, and a small tank.

2015: The Board Botches Restorative Justics Program Rollout

The Board botches the rollout of a district-wide restorative justice program, by underfunding the program, hiring an insufficient number of staff members, and failing to provide adequate training, ultimately reducing the program’s success and harming students’ educational achievement.

2015-2016: LAUSD Board Chooses to Lay Off Hundreds of Teachers

LAUSD Board increases funds for the budget, but still chooses to lay off hundreds of teachers, with adult education centers facing some of the sharpest reductions in funding and 261 employee layoffs.

2016-2017: The School Board Budget Shortchanges High-Needs Kids

The School Board passes budget that shortchanges high-needs kids, violating state law. The $7.6 billion budget does not include significant additional benefits for low-income students, english learners, or students in the foster-care system. The ACLU of California and the nonprofit law firm Public Advocates sues the district to force it to meet California standards.

May 2016: The LA Times Reports that “Predators Keep Surfacing” in LAUSD Schools

The Los Angeles Times reports that “predators keep surfacing” in LAUSD schools, despite the district’s insistence that it had implemented strong policies to prevent and uncover sexual abuse of students. In the last four years, LAUSD has spent over $300 million on teacher payouts for sexual abuse.