As it stands, LAUSD is failing its students.  In recent years the school district and its Board have had a poor performance in areas that matter most to the success of our students:

  • The quality of education it offers to students
  • How well it manages its staff and facilities
  • How well it handles its budget and finances
  • How well it prepares students for college and careers after high school

LA Students 4 Change (LASC) believes that it’s not enough to simply point out the failures of the LAUSD. We must also provide a clear and thoughtful agenda for the changes we seek, and support candidates who share our sense of urgency and educational values.

During election season and beyond, LASC will:

  • Focus on providing a high-quality education for ALL of our District’s diverse students, no matter who they are or where they’re from
  • Advocate for increased funding for classroom repairs, upgrades and technology
  • Fight to expand music and arts programs in local schools
  • Focus on keeping children safe from intruders and other violence at schools
  • Hold Board Members accountable and work to improve the fiscal management of the District
  • Strive to influence policy to give neighborhood schools more local control to make the decisions that are right for them instead of a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Fight to expand the number of vocational, career tech classes, and job training programs available to students who may not be headed to college